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Maxant Nine Frame Extractor HAND-9, Call For Pricing/Shipping Details Before Ordering

Your Price: $750.00
Part Number:Max-3100-H 9F
Please call before ordering to get accurate and best shipping costs to your location.

Forget about 2 frame machines with rock bottom pricing! Are you into beekeeping seriously? Why waste your money on a low priced machine unless you think your enthusiasm is a one year deal!

The Maxant hand extractor is built to last a lifetime.
  • These tanks are constructed from 20 gauge #4 polished stainless steel, with a conical bottom TIG welded for maximum draining.
  • This is QUALITY. You will be amazed at the remarkable engineering of the inner basket which can hold up to nine frames.
  • The inner basket is 100% stainless steel.
  • TIG welded and tested on balancing machines.
  • Stiffening rings located at the top and bottom.
  • The 4 to 1 belt driven ratio is perfect for ease of use.
  • These machines can be converted to power when you are ready to get serious.
  • Will extract wood or plastic frames with no modifications.
  • Extracts 6 medium/shallows radially and 3 deeps/medium-shallows tangentially
  • This machine is 18.5" in diameter, and 24.5" in height.
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